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Cars for sale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PA. Buy New & Used Cars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PA

New and used cars in PA. There is a wide variety of cars to buy in PA

Volkswagen Atlas
Year: 2019
Mileage: 10 miles
State: PA, Colmar
$46 512
Ford Escape
Year: 2016
Mileage: 26 986 miles
State: PA, Columbia
$17 500
Honda Civic
Year: 2017
Mileage: 16 438 miles
State: PA, Doylestown
$21 291
Honda CR-V
Year: 2018
Mileage: 7 miles
State: PA, Wilkes-barre
$31 445
Jeep Renegade
Year: 2018
Mileage: 15 miles
State: PA, Wilkes-barre
$20 290
Honda CR-V
Year: 2013
Mileage: 74 338 miles
State: PA, Manchester
$17 995
Nissan Juke
Year: 2017
Mileage: 39 247 miles
State: PA, Jenkintown
$14 899
Nissan Navara (Frontier)
Year: 2017
Mileage: 11 268 miles
State: PA, Jenkintown
$15 899
Hyundai Santa Fe
Year: 2017
Mileage: 44 912 miles
State: PA, Jenkintown
$15 899
Honda CR-V
Year: 2015
Mileage: 35 539 miles
State: PA, Shavertown
$20 988
Toyota Camry
Year: 2012
Mileage: 134 953 miles
State: PA, Glenside
$9 995
Buick LaCrosse
Year: 2017
Mileage: 24 145 miles
State: PA, Pittsburgh
$26 980
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