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How to Avoid Fraud

Of course USautoportal.com moderators check and approve all ads in manual mode, so all suspicious or unclear ads are being deleted. But we decided to remind you basic rules how to avoid scammers and frauds :

  • 1. Do not wire funds especially abroad. It is almost the same if you send cash. Almost impossible to trace and refund such wire transfers that is why scammers prefer them. If seller asks to send money transfer via Western Union it is almost 100% scammer.
  • 2. Never disclose your financial or private info (e.g. address, bank account details) as scammers may use them for some criminal deals.
  • 3. Try to deal locally as you will have more possibilities to check the status and conditions of the vehicle you are going to buy.
  • 4. Don't buy a car until you'll see it in person.
  • 5. Take your time and check properly the car you are going to buy. Also check all status documents and the history of the vehicle.
  • 6. If you asked from seller any additional information and it was sent to you by e-mail don't download any attachments until you've checked them with antivirus software.
  • 7. If the deal seems to “to good to be true” in most cases it is fake. If the price of the vehicle is too low and the owner or his/her representative insists on urgent deal it is almost 100% fraud.
  • 8. Do not deal with any representatives, middlemen and other third parties during the process of purchasing car as most of scammers do so.