Usautoportal.com - absolutely new and unique project which doesn't have analogs in USA the Internet.


What is USautoportal.com?

USautoportal.com – one of the biggest USA sites about cars. USautoportal.com will help you to sell car, buy car or create a web page of your dealership or service.

What services does USautoportal.com provide?

USautoportal.com provides all users with possibility to submit classifieds about cars for sale, also, you can buy both new and used cars from dealers or private persons.

How to register on USautoportal.com?

In order to register on USautoportal.com you need to follow “Sign Up” link (it is on the top right corner) on the main page USautoportal.com. You will see the registration form where you'll need to fill in all necessary fields. We kindly advise you to create complicated password in order to secure your account.

I have forgotten password from my USautoportal.com account. What do I have to do

Just click on the link “Forgot your Password?” which is under the sign-in form. You will see the form which you'll need to fill in. Please, enter your e-mail address which you've used during the registration on USautoportal.com. You will receive an e-mail with temporary link for password recovery. Follow this link and you will be able to create new password. While generating new password please make it complicated but easy to remember.

If you don't receive an e-mail please check SPAM folder of your e-mail provider. If you still haven't received an e-mail after 10 minutes, please contact us via phone.

How can I submit my advertisement?

If you want to submit an advertisement about car for sale you can do it pretty quickly and easily. You just need to enter “ADD” menu in your account and choose the item “Add advertisement”. You will see the form with some obligatory fields and complementary fields. We kindly advise you to fill in as much fields as you can because in such case your advertisement will attract more serious buyers. So use this in full and show your car for sale in all its beauty. Also you are welcome to upload photos and videos of your car. Unlike other car sites we allow our users to upload as much photos and videos as they can. Juicy fresh photos in good resolution for sure attract potential buyers.

How can I edit my advertisement?

You are able to edit your advertisement anytime. In order to do it you need to click on the pictogram of pencil under the advertisement. After this you will see the page of advertisement which will be available for editing.

How can I refresh my advertisement?

After 30 days from the date of approval all advertisements are moved to archive by default. As it was proved in practice most of used cars are usually being sold during the first 4 weeks. Of course if you need more time to sell your car you can always extend the term of activity of your advertisement. 5 days before the expiration of your ad you will receive an e-mail with link for refreshing your advertisement.

How many ads can I place on USautoportal.com?

Private person can place as many ads as he/she wishes.

I have added an advertisement on USautoportal.com why isn't it appearing online?

All advertisements on USautoportal.com are being moderated before publication. Moderation usually takes not more than 1 business day.

How much does it cost to submit an advertisement for sale of my car on USautoportal.com?

Private persons can place their ads absolutely free of charge.

How can I add a dealership to USautoportal.com?

When you choose a proper item in menu you will see the form which you need to fill in. For adding car dealership you have to input its name, state and city, address and phone number, car makes which are for sale. Also you can add logo of your dealership and photos of your office. We kindly advise you to add as much information about your dealership as possible. Auto dealerships with personalized pages attract more attention. Individual attention to your web-page demonstrates the individual approach to every client.

How can I pay for dealership web-page?

We offer different price packages for your convenience. You can choose 1-month trial package or 12-month economic package.

After the choice of appropriate package you'll be automatically redirected to the payment page which is provided by certified payment provider. After successful payment the web-page of your dealership will be approved by our moderator and will be active.

I have added the page of my car dealership but I can't see it on USautoportal.com. Why?

All advertisements on USautoportal.com are being moderated before publication. Our moderators manually approve every advertisement in order to provide our visitors with a high quality verified content. Usually moderation takes 1 business day maximum. Also, we kindly remind you that publication of dealership web-page is a paid service and your publication will appear online only after successful payment.

I have submitted my advertisement on USautoportal.com but nobody called me to ask about my car.

Here are some reasons why nobody called you:

  • Please check whether you advertisement is online on USautoportal.com. All advertisements are being moderated before publication and it may take up to one business day. If your advertisement is not online after this term it means that it was rejected by our moderators.
  • Your advertisement may contain false information or quite little information. We kindly advise you to check, whether you phone number is written right and whether your phone is currently functioning. As lame as it sounds, but such mistakes happen.
  • Also after approval all users receive a designed poster of their auto for sale on their e-mails. We kindly advise you to print it out and place on your vehicle in order to attract attention of potential buyers.
  • Also we advise you to pay attention to the price of your car. As it was proved in practice people don't call about overpriced cars. We kindly advise you to make a little research on USautoportal.com and look through the prices of similar cars.
How can I increase a number of views of my advertisement?

Please, keep in mind that all potential buyers prefer to look at clean reasonably priced cars with clear photos. So please pay attention to number and quality of photos and videos. We kindly advise you to upload not less than 3 photos of your car in different foreshortenings. As for the video, it will also attract attention and will help potential buyers to make their choice. So quality photos and videos will help to attract more potential buyers to your car.

Is it obligatory to add photo of my car for sale?

You can submit an advertisement on USautoportal.com even without photo. But we don't advise you to do so. Various researches and visitors' polls prove that ads with photos attract 5 times more visitors than without photos and ads with high quality photos and videos attract 10(!) times more visitors than ads without them. Of course it is your choice but we kindly suggest you to complete your advertisement with good attractive photos.

We want to become loyal clients of USautoportal.com and create web-pages for multiple car dealerships. Do you offer some discounts?

We always glad to meet half-way with our corporate clients. If you want to discuss our corporate offers and discounts please write your personal manager or e-mail us to contact@usautoportal.com.

What else can you offer to your loyal clients?

For our loyal clients we offer discount price package for paid services as well as useful loyalty gifts.

If I still have questions?

You are welcome to write us an e-mail to contact@usautoportal.com