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New Toyota Camry: the production is started.

Some days ago the American plant of Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky, has started production of the latest Camry sedan. The next-generation car with the index V70 has been built on a TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) modular automobile platform. It has taken on new power units and, most importantly, it has become much more attractive than its predecessor.

For the production of new Camry sedan which is on the modular platform, Toyota has invested $ 1.33 billion dollars and hired 700 new employees - as a result, the number of employees reached eight thousand people. It is the oldest and largest operating Toyota plant in America, and its main specialization is actually production of Camry cars: since 1988, over eight million copies of this model have been produced, that is, about 80% of the total production of the plant.

The list of equipment includes: LEDs, 16-inch discs, multimedia system with 7-inch touchscreen, ten airbags, aircon, Toyota Safety Sense P (adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, headlight switching, Lane Keeping Assist System and Pedestrian Detection).

The new Camry is already available in America: prices were announced a week ago. But the cars will appear in the salons of dealers only in the third quarter. In addition, the start of the new Camry production is also planned at the Japanese plant Tsutsumi, in Thailand and at the site of the joint venture GAC Toyota in Guangzhou. These new cars will differ from the American ones, but the difference will be quite small: for the first time in many years, the Toyota Camry will get a global appearance.