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A new software to protect not only electronics but vehicles too.

Until quite recently, car owners tried hardest to prevent hacking, door breaking and starting of engine. Modern vehicles resemble smartphones and laptops to some extent. So it is better to use the purpose-built software in order to prevent car hacking.

Modern cars are delivered with GPS systems, cameras, automatic brakes and computers. Now the driver deals with cyber threats. During the Defcon security conference in 2015, hackers demonstrated how they remotely broke the program code of the Tesla Model S, unlocked the doors, started the car and left without touching the steering wheel.

In 2016, hackers in the city of Houston used a laptop to fake keychains to break into a car. Thus, more than 30 cars were stolen. Last year, the FBI and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a warning that modern cars with powerful electronic systems were becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The threat of car hacking provided the basis for the plot of the famous Fast and Furious 8 movie.

Recently, it has been announced the development of Symbiote software at the Escar USA Conference in Detroit. The software will protect any electronic device from hacker breaking.