Michelin comes up with smart tire concept.: tips from experienced motorists, reviews of models of cars
Credit: / USautoportal
Michelin comes up with smart tire concept.

The tire (or, rather an airless wheel) was presented at the global symposium on the mobility problems in cities. The tire is 3D printed and designers made it hard in the center and more flexible on the periphery. This is provided by a special tubeless internal architecture imitating the alveolar structure. As a result, the tire has turned out to be irresponsive to blowouts.

The Vision wheel is made of biodegradable organic materials: natural rubber, sawdust, wheat sticks, sugar and orange peels. It can also include recycled materials from old tires, electronic components and aluminum cans.

The tire control is monitored in real time with the help of built-in sensors. They will signal on the worn tread or the changed road conditions. In point of wheels with worn treads, there will be not need for their replacement: all it takes is just to restore them using a 3D printer. Additionally, it will be possible to change the summer tread to winter and vice versa. And if you do not have a 3D printer in your garage, then Michelin suggests using their Print & Go printing stations, which, according to the company's idea, have to be built along the main highways. Data from the sensors in the wheels are delivered to the Michelin's application, by means of which the driver will be able to pre-order the necessary tread pattern and its thickness at the nearest station.