Toyota to present a new Supra in October 2017.: review of used cars, tips for young motorists
Credit: / USautoportal
Toyota to present a new Supra in October 2017.

Some Toyota fans who are eagerly waiting for the new Supra, in the long run they can become disappointed. According to the latest information, the sports model will be offered exclusively with an automatic gearbox. This can upset those who prefer mechanical gearbox in sports cars. On the other hand, mechanical gearbox is used in new models more and more seldom, especially in the North American market.

It is to be recalled that Supra is designed together with BMW. The latter will offer a related the BMW Z4 model, which will have much in common with the Japanese novelty. According to rumors, Supra will receive a gasoline engine from the Bavarian company, as well as a pair of electric motors. Alas, there are not many additional details yet, but we expect that some information will be disclosed in the coming months. As expected, debut of the new Supra will take place next year.