Man tries to hijack an automobile with two children inside.: fresh auto news, review of trucks
Credit: / USautoportal
Man tries to hijack an automobile with two children inside.

The story happened in the state of Virginia. Brandie Weiler drove her little daughters (7 and 12-year-old) to take a rest in the park on the weekend, when suddenly she saw an accident happened right in front of their minivan. Mother stopped the car and went to find out if she could help. Meanwhile, a perpetrator of the accident came to the minivan, opened the door and took to the wheel. 21-year-old Paul Salsman muttered something about he needed to drive away. The schoolgirl Maggie Weiler, who was in the car at that moment, said that she was thinking that the man was a "psycho who wants to get off the car". She started hitting Salsman in the head breaking her wrist in the process. At the while, the girl remembered that the car will not start when the selector lever is already in the "drive" position, so she pulled the lever and shifted it in the drive position. Salsman tried to start the engine for a time, but soon he gave up and went outside where before the arrival of police he tried to hijack two more cars. The man was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and attempt to steal a car.