Honda unveiles an autonomous robotic grass-mower.: review of new cars, review of the market of passenger cars
Credit: / USautoportal
Honda unveiles an autonomous robotic grass-mower.

At the same time, the Miimo (robotic grass-mower) is a 26 pounds robot which is not fully automated as for example cars we used to see. It hasn't GPS and Google maps, and instead of road marking it needs an enclosing wire that limits the perimeter of the plot, and protects trees and bushes, flower beds and other obstacles. But, despite this, the mower still has a 360-degree sensor, that detects the objects and makes the robot to move away from them.

As for grass mowing, the manufacturer says that the robot makes it better than the manned mower. The self-contained device is powered from a 22.2-volt/1.8 Ah lithium-ion battery. The entry-level models of the Miimo HRM 310 are capable of running for 30 minutes on one battery charge, but you can choose the Miimo HRM 520 with a more powerful battery that allows the robot to mow for 60 minutes. Irrespective of the model, both of them automatically return to the docking station and independently connect to the charging when a level of charge falls below 30 percent.

If someone tries to steal the robot, then at the moment of it is rended off the ground, it will turn on the alarm and stop the mowing process. Moreover, the mower will no longer operate until the owner enters a unique PIN code into it.

Miimo will be for sale start at Honda dealerships in June of this year at a fair starting price of $ 2,500.