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Ford presents a hybrid cop car - Fusion Hybrid sedan.

Ford presents a hybrid cop car - Fusion Hybrid sedan.

Ford has unveiled the world's first police plug-in hybrid vehicle. It is expected that when this idea becomes widespread, the police will be able to save a lot on fuel, and residents of megalopolises will get more clean air.

The new Police car called Police Responder is based on a hybrid version of the Ford Fusion sedan. Its powertrain, based on a two-liter petrol engine, makes 188 hp. At the same time the sedan is capable of running in battery-only mode, but this mode has been slightly modified especially for the police version: with the electric motor the sedan is now capable of accelerating up to 60 miles per hour.

Ford holds that the new sedan (in case of its adoption by US law enforcement agencies) will save a lot of fuel and money. The current Police Interceptor , which is based on the Ford Taurus, uses about 3,5 gallons of fuel per 60 miles, and the hybrid can be satisfied with only 1,5 gallons. According to Ford estimates, this will save about $ 3900 per car in fuel costs per year.

Strictly speaking, patrol cars with hybrid powertrains are not so rare, however, Ford consider themselves pioneering explorers in this field. The fact is that, according to the manufacturer, the advantages of the hybrid Fusion allow it not only to patrol, but also to pursue offenders.

Ford will start to take orders for the hybrid this spring. According to the manufacturer, the first deliveries of the police Fusion hybrids to the law enforcement are planned for next summer.