Tesla is going to check production of their S model.: latest auto news, tips for female drivers
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Tesla is going to check production of their S model.

Next month Tesla will completely stop sales of the S model and its most affordable versions of S 60 and 60D, and take them off from their catalog. As it is reported, the customers can continue buying these versions of the model with 60 kWh output before 16th April. From then on all the orders for the cars will be ceased. After the termination of the Model S 60 and 60D sales, the most affordable version of the Tesla Model S will be a model with a 75 kWh output. Its cost is $ 74500 excluding the federal favourable tax. It's $ 6,500 more expensive than the actual lower price of the Tesla Model S. In fact, the output of the most affordable S 60 and 60D models (as well as S 70 model, which was offered for a limited period of time) is 75 kWh, but the manufacturer intentionally reduces it up to 60 kW by software. The owners of the models can unlock full battery potential but only for an additional fee. In the context of S 60 model, this service costs $ 9,500. Please note that now the Model S is offered in seven versions with batteries of different capacities. After April 16, there will be five versions. This is provided that the company won't release new versions of Model S. These and other steps taken by the manufacturer are made under preparation for the release of the Model 3, which will become the most affordable car in the manufacturer's range and will cost from $ 35,000.