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Credit: / USautoportal
Volvo XC90 will become...a pickup truck!

A prototype of the model was spotted completely without disguise. It shows a direct affiliation with the Volvo lineup. The puzzle only in the fact that the company did not inform recently about new projects.

It is known that the 90 Series followed by the work on the models of 60 Series and 40 Series, but the prototype is not among these models. An additional difficulty is presented by the wheel mounted on the right.

According to some assumptions, the car can be a new crossover that Volvo is developing for China or other definite market. However, this theory has no any evidence.

Another theory claims that the Volvo XC90 can be an early prototype for the pickup truck. Considering the fact that a wheelbase of the model is about 127 inches, it is enough for a pickup. For comparison, the length of the wheelbase of the Ford Ranger in European variant is 126 inches. However, this theory has major deficiencies, the main among which is the lack of even a simulation of the loading platform at the back of the prototype.

Perhaps the company is testing a specialized version of the model, for example an ambulance car based on the XC90. This can be indirectly confirmed by the availability of goods fixed on the prototype, to simulate the high center of gravity of the car.

Other assumptions are made in favor of the version that the new car can become a new vehicle for the Pope.