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Credit: / USautoportal
Lamborghini Avendator S is becoming more powerful.

Together with a letter "S" in the name, the Aventador has got a new aerodynamics. First of all, it is a front diffuser that distributes the air flow to increase downforce. And two air intakes in the "bumper" that seriously improve the cooling action.

The upgraded Avendator is called "LP 470-4". This means that a 6.5-liter V12 aspirated engine, capable of producing 740 hp, is mounted behind the cockpit. The engine torque is the same - 690 Nm.

The Aventador S accelerates to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of the supercar is 220 mph. Besides, it became the first production model of Lamborghini that was equipped with the 4WS. The new system should improve the response of vehicle at low speeds and stability at high speeds.

Also, the new system required a major revision of all suspension system. The suspension was seriously revised, and the car received new brakes with carbon-ceramic discs. And Pirelli has developed the completely new tires "P Zero", which are adapted for use with 4WS.

The car interior can't impress with new things. But still, the car has now a dash panel, which design is changed with one of three selected driving modes.

In Europe, the price for the car will be 281,555 euros, in England - 225 955 pounds, and in America - 421 350 USD.