Nokian can measure a tread depth of the tires on the way.: review of the market of used cars, review of prices for cars
Credit: / USautoportal
Nokian can measure a tread depth of the tires on the way.

The tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres, together with a chain of Vianor tire centers introduced a new technology - SnapSkan. The system measures a tire tread depth during vehicle movement and informs a driver on the condition of wheels.

Now car owners have fewer reasons for concern, which in turn will increase the safety of millions of road users. In the near future the service will be available in Finland, later the geography of service provision will be significantly expanded.

SnapSkan is a completely new, fast and effective method for measuring tire tread depth, and therefore the safety level of the tire using 3D scanning technology. The automated moving scanner reads information from the tire, while the camera identifies the vehicle via registration number. When the scanning is completed, the driver can choose the handiest way of obtaining his personal report on the tire condition: via a text message or email. The report is free, regardless of a brand of tires mounted on the car, there is also no need to install any additional equipment in the vehicle for receiving data. 

SnapSkan service will be installed along the daily routes of drivers in places such as car parks. The service will be provided in cooperation with Vianor tire centers, where the user, if necessary, will be able to inquire about prices for new tires. The technical solution was developed also in cooperation with Finnish companies Futurice and AFFECTO. The unique 3D scanning technology was patented by British Sigmavision.

Nokian Tyres aims not only to develop safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly tires but also to create new services related to tires. SnapSkan concept involves contributing to improve road safety for millions of people around the world in a fast and easy way.