American cars will "talk" to each other by 2023.: tips for young motorists, review of trucks
Credit: / USautoportal
American cars will "talk" to each other by 2023.

Roads are very dangerous for its unpredictability: commercial vehicles can obstruct the driver's view at the crossroads, repair signs, which are incorrectly set, can disorient a driver, and the traffic lights malfunction can increase the accidents or traffic jams.

It is expected that the v2v systems will raise drivers' awareness of traffic conditions. Cars will be able to share with each other the information about the maneuvers and speed. In addition, they will pass their position around. The drive distance will make 985 feet. The data will be conveyed at a frequency of 5.9 gigahertz.

According to the proposal, which was formed by the US Department of Transport, in 2019 the agency will determine an accurate and complete list of rules for the v2v systems installation, as well as adopt the equipment benchmark. In 2021, the new rules will come into force, but they will be advisory rather than mandatory until 2023. This will be done in order that companies have time to gear up for production.

Meanwhile, the USA and some other countries are developing another data interchange system for cars - v2i (vehicle-to-infrastructure). The system involves the transmission of different informative messages from the road infrastructure to the car (the sensors in the pavement, road signs, traffic lights etc.)

It is assumed, that the use of v2i systems will allow to more nearly control the road traffic and also to significantly reduce the amount of jams. Thanks to the information received from the v2i system, the car will be able to warn a driver about traffic jams on the route, to estimate a bypass road, as well as to predict the standing time at the time of traffic lights.