Trump is going to meet with key technology companies of the USA.: reviews of models of cars, tips for female drivers
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Trump is going to meet with key technology companies of the USA.

The US legitimately elected president Donald Trump will meet with the leaders of the country's leading technology companies on Wednesday, December 14 in New York. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to its sources, amongst invited persons are a head of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk, a chief executive officer of Apple Tim Cook and operations supervisor of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg. The guest's list will also include a head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, a corporate director of Alphabet, who owns the Google, Larry Page, as well as a chairman of the Alphabet's board of directors Eric Schmidt.

The meeting will be organized by a co-founder of PayPal payment system, Peter Thiel, who is included in the Trump's presidential transition team. It is expected that the event will be attended by representatives of Cisco, Oracle, and Intel.

As noted by the edition, many of the companies participating in the meeting, to a certain extent depend upon public contracts. Particularly with regard to SpaceX that fires devices into space for NASA.

It's still unknown what Trump will discuss with the heads of companies. But the edition recalls that in recent weeks, the Republican paid a special attention to the fact that some companies move a part of the production from the US to other countries in order to reduce the burden of taxation and expenses. During the election race, the politician regularly criticized such companies, pointing out that they deprive the Americans of their jobs. The republican repeatedly promised that as president, he will take steps with respect to these companies.