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A new generation of Toyota GT86 will hit the road in 2019.

The production of an affordable sports car was a kind of experiment for the Toyota Group. To decrease the risk, the development was carried out together with Subaru after which two models under both brands entered the market in one go. And as the result, it worked. For example, last year the two-door cars under the brands of Toyota and Scion have found more than 20 thousand customers, and about 10 thousand are on Subaru BRZ account, and in the early years, the composite demand exceeded 40 thousand cars. Therefore, a boss of the European division of the Toyota Karl Schlicht said in a recent interview with the Autocar edition that a new generation of GT86 will exist!

The decision to develop the car of the second generation has been already made, and the car will keep the present concept in whole: it will be a compact coupe with a relatively small engine, bouncy driving character and at a bargain price. However, it is unclear will Subaru join the project. Most likely, the sports car will be collaborative again, because it is Subaru that delivers the opposed engines for the car. Thanks to these engines the coupe has a low center of gravity and the distinctive handling. To go back from such a partner would be a big mistake.

According to Schlicht, the new car will appear at the turn of 2018 and 2019's. However, only the standard coupe is confirmed. In recent years, the company showed prototypes of a convertible and even a three-door wagon based on the GT86, but these versions did not become serial. We also didn't see the supercharged version with a turbo engine. Apparently, these variants will not be in the second generation.

However, it is not worth the trouble to hang heads, because next year there will be a really powerful Toyota Supra coupe, the development of which is conducted in cooperation with BMW.