Mazda gave up on idea to produce RX-9 with a rotary engine.: tips from experienced drivers, global auto news
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Mazda gave up on idea to produce RX-9 with a rotary engine.

Over a period of several years, the Japanese automaker was keeping the intrigue towards a successor of the RX-8 model and the development of Renesis rotary engines and their possible use in sports cars. Now a president of the company makes it clear that we shouldn't wait for such car.

The head of Mazda Motor Masamichi Kogai told the Automotive News about company plans, or rather their absence. He said that the company has no plans to produce a sports car, larger than the MX-5 Miata. Such an answer might seem a bit evasive, so Kogai was asked point-blank whether a successor of RX-8 with a rotary engine will be or not. The president of the Japanese company said that, in his view, if it comes to sports cars, the existing 1.5 and 2.0-liter traditional internal combustion engines, thanks to their power and acceleration dynamics can give a more exciting impression.

The drama really ran over and the outcome in the form of official response was to take place. However, Koga left the loose end. He said that existing engineering constraints conditioned by the design of the rotary engine, make it impossible to speak about long-term prospects, but this does not mean that Mazda closes the rotary internal combustion engine topic. But in the foreseeable future, Mazda Motor does not see any actual use of this technology in the mass production of its cars.