The Italians created a boombox from a real  Lamborghini.: helpful tips for motorists, reviews of models of cars
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The Italians created a boombox from a real Lamborghini.

The main aim of an expensive audio system is to delight a listener with the sound quality, giving the favorite melodies "warm and tube-like tone" tone. However, the developers not just set a mind-boggling price tag for the upmarket acoustic system, but presented it as an exclusive device for advantaged music lovers. So that's why the device is visually unique and perfectly styled. And EsaVox audio system exactly answers to this description. The system made by the developers of the Italian company Ixoost, famous for nonstandard approach when choosing a design.

To begin with, Ixoost specializes in the production of creative audio goods: the external appearance of its products is directly intertwined with the auto-racing grounds. If you have always gravitated to sports cars with the Lamborghini nameplate, then you will definitely like the EsaVox  model, impregnated with the spirit of racing inside and out. Provided that you are ready to spend $ 21 thousand for the purchase of the audio system.

The acoustic enclosure of Ixoost EsaVox is made of carbon fiber and fine wood; the developers have found a place for 15-inch subwoofer, two 1-inch tweeters, a pair of 6.5-inch and two 8-inch full-range speakers. Connection to a PC or mobile electronics is offered to be realized using the analog cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0.

The external appearance of acoustic system is not so much a key "gimmick" of the EsaVox, as the fact that when manufacturing the device, the original elements of the Lamborghini design were used - the parts of the exhaust system of the legendary Italian sports car. And the EsaVox power on button copies the same control element to activate the car starter.

There are four color variants for the EsaVox to choose from: orange, yellow, red and black.