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Credit: / USautoportal
"String of lights" on the road: new Lexus car with 42000 diodes.

The new car was created in a unique copy in the partnership with Lexus and Vevo video streaming service to promote a music video of the singer Dua Lipa.

The show car, based on the model of the IS sedan, has received almost 42 thousand diodes, and eventually it turned into a colorful mobile screen. It is capable of displaying any color images and even animations. 20 processors are used to control the graphics system. If the LEDs are disposed in a single line, its length will exceed 0, 93 miles, and the brightness of such garland on wheels is 175 thousand lumens.

Programmable LEDs on the Lexus IS body can operate in three different modes: Attract - when a video image is streamed continuously; Music Viz - when LEDs blink in time to the music; and Gesture - when an animation can be controlled using gestures. According to the Japanese, the bright and colorful graphics highlights the strong points of the IS sedan.

One way or another, but the car with tens of thousands of multi-colored LEDs on the car body looks pretty amazing.