Dodge Challenger received a four-wheel drive version.: reviews of cars, tips from experienced motorists
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Dodge Challenger received a four-wheel drive version.

FCA has unveiled a four-wheel drive version of the Dodge Challenger sports coupe, which is on sale on the American market.

The car has received an all-wheel drive after almost ten years after its debut. The company started producing the car at the factory in Ontario, Canada, as early as in 2007. The all-wheel drive transmission is the same as in the parent sedan - Charger. All the turning torque is transmitted to the rear wheels by default, and in the case of their wheel-spin, an automatic connection of front axle occurs.

The four-wheel drive Dodge Challenger will be offered only with a standard V6 3.6 engine, developing 305 hp, and an eight-speed automatic ZF transmission. Externally, the new version is no different from others, but its standard equipment includes all-weather tires with a rim diameter of 19 inches. Please note that the serial coupe has full ten versions, but all of them are traditionally rear-driven.

In the USA Dodge Challenger GT AWD will be offered at a price of $ 34 990, which makes it cheaper than major competitors, including Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe, Infiniti Q60 and BMW 430i xDrive. Despite a considerable age, Dodge Challenger is in steady demand, and 2015 has become the best year in its history: 66 365 units of the model were sold in the United States.