Apple confirmed the development of an autonomous vehicle.: auto news for motorists, tips for motorists beginners
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Apple confirmed the development of an autonomous vehicle.

Earlier it was reported that Apple starts the autonomous vehicle project. According to some media outlets, Apple is already testing autonomous cars on closed tracks.

The company representatives expressed their opinion towards autonomous cars market regulations. According to Reuters, Apple got into a debate about the regulation of the market of autonomous vehicles, having confirmed its ambition to become one of the players. In particular, Steve Kenner, one of the company senior executives wrote a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, urging the regulatory authority to make not very strict rules for autonomous vehicle testing.

The company emphasizes that the development of autonomous vehicles will reduce the number of accidents and victims on the roads, as well as provide users with autonomous features. However, according to Apple, some areas of the development of autonomous vehicles require special attention, as the developed software will make decisions that will affect people's lives.

Rumors about such company plans were bruited a long time, but Apple has not publicly confirmed it. Apple in the letter to the transport regulatory authority asked not to bring in too many rules for the testing of autonomous vehicles, because "traditional makers" and those who are just starting, should be equal in status".