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Honda will teach their new car to respond to the driver's emotions.

Honda has announced a prototype "NeuV", the premiere of which will take place at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The car will be equipped with a technology that will be able to respond to the communication of passengers and the driver's emotions.

The company SoftBank, that is a partner of Honda in the project of "emotional" cars, has developed a robot that, depending on the situation and emotions, can "give five" to a person or hug him. At the end of this year, the robot will appear in Asian cafes "Café Pizza Hut", where it will be put for the booking.

The new product is a compact car equipped with an autopilot and electric power plant. Its development was carried out in cooperation with Cocoro SB that prepared the system of artificial intelligence, which must respond to the driver feelings and to take part in the conversation. Thanks to that, Honda wants to achieve greater emotional connection to the car.

Honda announced the work on the "emotional" cars this summer. The manufacturer expects that in the future the cars will be able not only to perceive human emotions but also learn how to gain an experience of communication with a driver, within this framework organizing its model of behavior.

It is unknown when such technologies will appear in mass-produced cars.