Rover Audi Quattro is going to the Moon.: review of the market of passenger cars, auto news today
Credit: / USautoportal
The Rover Audi Quattro is going to the Moon.

Audi is the first of the big German trio will go to conquer the space, and start it from the Moon. Next year its Lunar Quattro rover will start out for flight, pursuing several aims at once.

According to Motor1 website, the Lunar Quattro rover is an attempt of Audi to earn 30 million dollars which are a prize in the competition of Google and XPRIZE. The main point of the competition is in the following: the teams of specialists work on the rovers, which have to withstand an expedition into the space, fly to the satellite of our planet, land on the moon and then drive 546 yards on its surface, and send a detailed media report back to Earth.

One of the participating teams is, in fact, Audi. The company gathered a group of 16 people within the shortest possible period of time and has created a lunar rover "Lunar Quattro" weighing about 70 pounds. It is made of ultra-light materials and runs on electricity stored in the E-Tron battery - one more own Audi's development. Of course, the most prominent place of the rover has a well-known logo of four rings.

Sending the lunar rover to the moon, Audi wants not only to get the serious prize from the American Internet giant but also to check out a number of technologies implemented in it. This will be the test of ultra-light materials, mobile designs, electric motors on each wheel and battery blocks. Also, a communication system test will be conducted by means of which the rover will transmit to Earth the pictures and even videos of its trip to the moon.

In addition to all this, Audi is absolutely open to an idea of the global advertising because such a significant event will be certainly hit by online media, television, and bloggers. The start of the carrier rocket with the Lunar Quattro on board is scheduled for the last quarter of the new year, without specification a more definite date.