The three-cylinder engine of Ford will be able to turn off the cylinder.: review of trucks, reviews of models of cars
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The three-cylinder engine of Ford will be able to turn off the cylinder.

Ford has announced the development of three-cylinder engine with a system of deactivation of one cylinder at light loads. A new version of the EcoBoost liter unit, which became three times became the winner of the international competition "Engine of the Year", will appear in early 2018.

The company noted that a three-cylinder engine will be created for the first time in history with the similar technology. The work on the innovation is carried out jointly by the Ford engineers from Germany, the UK and the US, as well as with the support of Schaeffler Group company. The latter is responsible for the preparation of the software, which will identify the right time of the cylinder deactivation.

Automatic deactivation of one of the cylinders will take place when driving or at low speeds, when all engine power isn't required. The processes of fuel shut off or renewal of work will take less than 14 milliseconds. Ford assures that drivers will not feel the pass of the engine into the two-cylinder mode and back. The function will be available when the engine speed is not higher than 4.5 thousand.

Ford experts will develop new engine bearers, drive shafts and suspension bushings, and a dual-mass flywheel and vibration-absorptive clutch plate for the use of technology in the liter EcoBoost unit and increase of  the stability at time of the cylinder off. Furthermore, the modification of valves will be required.

The liter EcoBoost engine has been used by Ford since 2012. Today it is available in three variants of power: 100, 125 and 140 horsepower. In Europe, the engine is offered for eleven brand models, including "Fiesta" of the new generation.