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Credit: / USautoportal
An autonomous motorcycle will replace the police on the roads.

Nearly every automobile company is engaged in the creation of an autonomous vehicle, but the news about the self-driving motorcycles appear, to put it nicely, not very frequently. Canadian engineers have decided to remedy this situation and started creating an autonomous bike. A prototype of the model is already ready, but so far only on paper. The concept has been drawn by a Canadian designer Eduardo Arndt. The model, called Brigade, with its friendly appearance of the body style reminds the bikes from the science fiction action film "Judge Dredd". It's funny, but the description of the concept states that the bike is intended primarily to serve for the police. According to the creators, the full potential of the autonomous bike can be realized just in this manner. Brigade can be equipped with multiple cameras to get numbers and record violations through the video, a siren, and a loudspeaker, as well as a permanent connection to the Internet. The self-driving bike with an electric power plant will patrol the streets and record the numbers of improperly parked cars, and then it will send the data to the police station. Besides the autonomous motorcycle would be able to independently verify the registration plates on their compliance with vehicle and even pursue roadhogs seen on the roads. In the latter case, the motorcycle will not try to slow down or stop the vehicle: its task is pursuit and video recording with simultaneous sending of the information to the nearest police stations.