The presenters of The Grand Tour started a new social networking service for motorists.: review of new cars, daily auto news
Credit: / USautoportal
The presenters of The Grand Tour started an automobile social network.

The British presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond launched their own social platform for motorists, called DriveTribe. The website is like a social hobby club for fans of cars and everything related to that.

The new users of DriveTribe are offered to subscribe to at least six "groups" of interest. The Grand Tour presenters have also their unions, in addition, there are pages of specific car models, car brands, personalities and interests, such as groups of car selfie lovers, auto travelers, followers of atmospheric engines and other. Hundreds of the groups are already created and their number is increasing. You can also like, comment and post the publications in such unions to other social networks.

At the moment, DriveTribe social network is only available in the English-language version, and to log in, a Facebook account is required. The other language versions of the site and the possibility to register via Twitter are planned to be created in the future.

According to the head of DriveTribe Ernesto Schmitt, the new project is a place for communication of fans of engines, technologies, and automotive subject. Jeremy Clarkson said earlier that he didn't understand the main point of such social network as long as Richard Hammond explained that "it's like YouPorn, only with cars". At the same time, Hammond described the project as "an opportunity to bring people with the same interests together".

The ex-presenters of Top Gear have announced the creation of DriveTribe in April of this year. The presenters themselves, as well as private companies, are the investors of the project. It is also known that the American corporation 21st Century Fox invested about $ 6.5 million in the social network. It is expected that up to 60 people, including editors and journalists, will be working on the site by the end of this year.