Financial troubles may prevent the production of Faraday Future electric cars.: review of prices for cars, review of the market of passenger cars
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Financial troubles may prevent the production of Faraday Future electric cars.

Just days prior to the first promotional video about an upcoming premium electric vehicle Faraday Future, the rumors began to ooze out online that the financial position of the company, to choose my words carefully, remains wanting. To be more exact, the total amount of debt that company owes to the company Aecom (a real estate developer) and the authorities of Nevada rose beyond $ 130 million. The sum is related to the construction of the company plant for the production of electric cars in Las Vegas.

At the same time it was reported that the repayment period expires in October and November this year. The latest data, published by The Financial Times, confirm the serious financial difficulties of the Faraday Future. Moreover, in recent years the situation has significantly deteriorated. As it is reported, the plant construction is frozen and now, most likely, Faraday Future will not be able to release its new electric car in 2017, as it was originally planned.

The Aecom representative said that the freezing of the plant construction is a temporary arrangement, connected with the introduction of certain changes by Faraday Future in the schedule. The works should be restarted at the beginning of 2017.

One of the Aecom employees, speaking with The Financial Times under the terms of full anonymity, confirmed that Faraday Future will not be able to start deliveries before 2018.

One way or another, but, most likely, we will not see the promised Faraday Future electric car in 2017.