An atheist is at law with the state of Kentucky because of the number plate "I'M GOD".: helpful tips for motorists, fresh auto news
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An atheist is at law with the state of Kentucky because of the number plate "I'M GOD".

As for Benny Hart, he said that with the help of this sign he wanted to prove that it is impossible to refute the statement of a  person who insists that he is a god. In addition, according to his words, he owned the same license plate number for many years when he lived in Ohio.

However, the authorities of Kentucky, known for its conservative and religious dispositions, considered that the license plate "IM GOD" shows rather bad taste of the owner, provokes conflicts and distracts other drivers.

Human rights advocates have encouraged the claim of Benny Hart against the head of transport administration Greg Thomas. Hart said that he wants just to be able to choose a statement for his license plate which he thinks proper - just like any other driver. The claimant also said that before that he lived 12 years in Ohio, and was driving a car with a sign "IM GOD", and it did not cause any problems.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Freedom From Religion Foundation believe that Kentucky authorities violated the First Amendment of the US Constitution with their refusal to register the license plate "IM GOD".

According to William Sharp, who is a director of ACLU department in Kentucky, "the officials do not have the right to censor the personal statements only because they do not like them."

The transport administration of Kentucky declined to comment the claim of Benny Hart.