US authorities want to oblige phonemakers to add "driving mode" in their products.: fresh auto news, reviews of models of cars
Credit: / USautoportal
US authorities want to oblige phonemakers to add "driving mode".

Smarthones has already the optimized interfaces in cars, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a user can see that the phone deactivates some options to protect a driver.

Nevertheless, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to make everything even better. It proposes free controlling principles that would induce manufacturers of phones to forcibly activate the option "driver mode" in time of pairing of their smartphones with cars.

The system will have a simple interface capable of minimizing the time that you spend looking on a smartphone screen, and also, the system will cut the functions that can distract you from the road.

In particular, the manual data input mode will be deactivated. No more SMS while driving. In addition, photo and video playback, social media sites and internet surfing will be unable to access. Restrictive regulations will not work when the vehicle is stationary, but when it picks up speed over 6 mph, the option "driver mode" will be activated automatically.

Since the system does not see any difference between a smartphone of the driver and passenger, the restriction will be applicable to everyone.

Thus, NHTSA is going to fight against road traffic accidents resulting from the distracted attention of a driver.