A front-wheel drive BMW sedan was introduced in China.: tips from experienced motorists, tips from experienced drivers
Credit: / USautoportal
A front-wheel drive BMW sedan was introduced in China.

Following the recently posted online spy and official photos, the BMW 1-Series has been finally presented to the world. Designed specifically for the needs of the Chinese market and is based on the global brand platform, the compact four-door sedan was officially revealed at the Auto Show in Guangzhou.

The BMW 1-Series sedan is the newest product in the BMW range. Compact cars of premium class are the high-growth segment in the industry, and the younger generation of Chinese is becoming the most frequent buyer of such premium cars.

The new car has received a number of outstanding external features thanks to which it's not difficult to identify that it is a BMW. The car is based on the front-drive platform UKL, as well as the BMW X1 crossover and new car models of the MINI brand, although the Bavarians build the hatchbacks of the first series on the rear-wheel drive platform. The most expensive sedan versions of the BMW 1 Series will be packaged with the options available to older models, for example, a HUD- display, a dashboard infotainment electronics with a 8.8-inch touch screen and fully LED headlights. For the first little while, the new sedan will be offered in three versions: with indexes 118i, 120i and 125i. The hood of the basic version of the model will hide a 136-horsepower gasoline engine, at the same time the more expensive BMW 120i will be equipped with a 192-hp engine from the "older" sedan BMW 320i. A flagship version of the new model will be equipped with a 231-horsepower gasoline engine. The range of gearboxes are the same for all engines: a six-speed mechanical or an eight-speed automatic gearbox.