Tesla switched an Island in the Pacific Ocean over to solar panels.: tips for drivers, useful tips for motorists
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Tesla switched an Island in the Pacific Ocean to solar panels.

Tesla Motors has announced the change-over of the island in American Samoa (a territory of the USA in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean) to the solar batteries. The company reported the news via its page on Twitter.

The statement said that an Island in American Samoa has been switched to almost a 100% supply of the solar energy thanks to more than 5.3 thousand solar panels and 60 Tesla batteries.

The chain of solar panels and batteries for energy storage, which meets nearly 100% requirements of the Tau Island by means of solar energy, has been created since a year, according to a blog of SolarCity. The island's population is about 600 people.

The new chain of solar panels and batteries for energy storage will allow the island to save annually 109.5 thousand gallons of diesel fuel, according to the blog.

In June of this year, the company Tesla Motors offered to buy out the US energy company SolarCity at the price from $ 26.5 to 28.5 per share. SolarCity has existed since 2006. It has been engaged in designing and installing solar energy systems.

The purpose of this transaction is an integration of both companies' products. As noted by Elon Musk, who is the head of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles, many Tesla's customers are often interested in solar energy. After the merger of the companies, Tesla store will offer the batteries for solar models. In addition, Musk makes no doubt that the union of SolarCity and Tesla will help to reduce the expenses by $ 150 million in the first year of working together, I am sure the mask. Shareholders of Tesla Motors have approved the acquisition of SolarCity on November 18.