Volkswagen is planning to make a retrenchment of 30000 workers.: review of the market of used cars, review of the market of passenger cars
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Volkswagen is planning to make a retrenchment of 30000 workers.

The auto group Volkswagen is set to cut nearly 30,000 jobs by 2021 as part of a plan for cost minimization, the information agency Reuters reported. It is expected that the reduction will allow the company to save a few billion dollars, which, in particular, will be spent on the development of the segment of electric and self-driving vehicles

In such a manner, the staff of the automotive group will be reduced by 5% from the current index. At the same time the trade union representatives insist that the reductions in Germany should be carried out as a result of a natural decrease of the labor power and partially, via early retirement of some workers because of demographic changes, VW officially says.

The main reductions will take place in the less technologically advanced sectors of production. Along with that Volkswagen Group will create about 9000 new work positions for the engineers of software and new batteries. This approach reflects the mainstay of changes in the company's development - from the "old school" to the development of electronics and digital technology, according to Bloomberg. At the press conference, in Wolfsburg, the CEO of Volkswagen Herbert Diss said that it is a great step forward, perhaps even the biggest in the company's history. Also, he said that all manufacturers have to change their methods of work because of the unavoidable changes in the industry.

You will recall that Volkswagen Group will spend about $ 15 billion in the United States to resolve the scandal with the use of software for emission reduction during the environmental inspections of cars. These funds will be used to buy out 600 thousand cars from customers and pay compensation to local authorities for environmental protection.