NextEV showed an electric hypercar "NIO EP9: review of the market of used cars, review of trucks
Credit: / USautoportal
NextEV showed an electric hypercar "NIO EP9".

NextEV that also has a team in the Formula E, tells that its electric hypercar hit a new lap record at a famous German race track in Nurburgring. In October, the NIO EP9 covered a distance of 12.9-mile at the "Green Hell" track in 7 minutes. This is presumably thanks to its "crazy" 1390-hp engine. NextEV constitutes a part of a new wave of electric vehicle manufacturers, who feel hopeful to launch a challenge against Tesla as the leading seller on the market. Lucid Motors, LeEco, Faraday Future, and the Fisker Karma (which is bankrupt now) are the other. However, whether any can dethrone Tesla, will depend completely on their ability to market cars in greater volume. It’s far from clear what strategy will be chosen by NextEV: will it be the mass market of cars for the ordinary people or the luxury supercars for the elite. The company is starting with a production of low volume luxury supercars to surprise the market, but after that, who knows what strategy they will eventually pursue. The company has some impressive names supporting their undertaking. TPG, Lenovo,  Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Temasek, and others are among the investors. The company also is aiming to develop the technology of autonomous driving. NextEV has already received authorization from DMV to start testing autonomous vehicles on open roads.