Creepy-crawly stickers help out Chinese drivers in a struggle with the other careless drivers.: review of new cars, short tips for motorists
Credit: / USautoportal
Creepy stickers help out the Chinese in a struggle with careless drivers.

The drivers in Chinese stick down light-reflecting spooky images on the back windows of their cars to keep other automobilists from the use of main-beam headlamps.

In Jinan, China, the traffic police noticed the cars with pictures of ghosts with red tongues and pale skin, getting out of the rear windows.

The unexpected way to rein in a careless driver has become very popular in China, but such a measure violates the driving regulations in China. If a driver is caught in the use of printed reflective images, a fine awaits him, according to "Xinhua" news agency. The drivers who have the spooky stickers on their vehicles can be even fined 100 yuan. The police also say that such car owners should be more severely punished because a road traffic incident can happen because of the stickers.

Tens of shops are selling such terrible stickers for the car rear windows on the e-commerce website Taobao. The graphics of stickers can vary from blue-eyed wolves to women with bloodstained mouths.

Sellers say that the stickers are barely visible in the darkness, but they well reflect light when the headlights glow at them, and it plunges motorists who use the main-beam headlamps into shock.

Some stickers with monsters represented on the Taobao website received hundreds of comments.

"It looks great," - says one buyer. "Let's see, who will now come after my car with the main beam headlights on."

Earlier Chinese media reported several accidents in which people died after that driver was blinded by the bright main headlights.