Acura showed an automobile interior of the future.: tips from experienced drivers, auto news of the day
Credit: / USautoportal
Acura showed an automobile interior of the future.

The Acura concept entails the use of two displays inside the vehicle. 12.3-inch screen supplants a dash panel, and the second, the size of which isn't specified by the automaker, is located at the top of the center console and is responsible for the use of multimedia functions.

Acura also offers to use an electronic instrument cluster for streaming the traffic situation during the activation of the autonomous control mode. For example, the screen can display a 3D-model of the vehicle environment. The model is formed by means of automobile sensors so it will display the other objects and people as well as their motion trajectory.

The multimedia system control in the Acura Precision Cockpit is carried out using the touchpad installed between the front seats. This device is made in such a way that the driver can choose one or another function by pressing a finger to a certain area of the touchpad, for example, to choose the most frequently used functions by touching a finger to the underside of the touchpad.

Along with that, in the Acura Precision Cockpit the Japanese automaker showed a new operating system for entertainment complexes of its vehicles. The only thing is known about the system is that it is based on Android and will appear in future Acura production cars.