The new president Donald Trump will drive in a new "Caddy" developed by General Motors.: reviews of cars, review of the market of passenger cars
Credit: / USautoportal
The new president Donald Trump will drive in a new "Caddy" from the GM.

The existence of the Cadillac Beast is not officially confirmed, but shots of photospies speak for its imminent presentation. The new limousine in front is similar to the Escalade, but it is built on the modified chassis of the SUV. Apparently, the interior will remain the same as in a limo of the former president Barack Obama. Two seats are placed at the end of the passenger compartment, and the other three seats - over against them, directly behind the driver's bulkhead.

The technical details of the Cadillac Beast are kept under wraps. Motorists are sure that a powertrain of the novelty will differ markedly from Obama's limousine. The only thing we can say for sure is that the car is armored. The Cadillac Beast is capable of bearing a blow from the IED or RPG and has its own air supply in case of exposure to chemical attacks.

The carmaker is going to release 10-12 identical limousines for Donald Trump. The new president can use it both for travels inside the country, and outside the United States. Such amount of limousines is also necessary for an extra exchange. It is estimated that each vehicle goes for $ 1.5 million.

Donald Trump's inauguration is scheduled for January 20, 2017. It is quite possible that at the beginning of next year, auto fans will be able to look at the limousine of the 45th US president.