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Credit: / USautoportal
Beer was delivered by an autonomous truck without a driver.

The American company “Otto”, belonging to the Uber, has used for the first time one of its self-driving trucks for commercial cargo delivery.

The first delivery of the self-driving truck was beer, namely 51744 cans of lager "Budweiser. The beer brewed at the factory of “Anheuser-Busch” in the city of Loveland, Colorado State, was delivered to the city of Colorado Springs.

The truck covered itself a distance of more than 120 miles. The average speed of truck in autonomous mode was 50 mph.

But people also took part in the process. A driver drove the truck only in the city area. After driving to the motorway, he unclasped his seat belt and moved to the rear part of the cabin. The route of the autonomous truck was made with Colorado authorities, and the truck was escorted the entire route by a patrol vehicle. The autonomous truck of Otto is based on a tractor of Volvo, which is additionally equipped with a pair of cameras for detecting markings, a front radar,a lidar, and GPS-module.