Germany is going to slap a ban on cars with internal combustion engines by 2030.: latest auto news, the bast reviews of cars
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Germany is going to slap a ban on cars with combustion engines by 2030.

According to the German magazine “Der Spiegel”, the Bundesrat has recently adopted a resolution pushing for a ban on the production of new vehicles with an internal combustion engine by 2030. From then, people will have to buy zero-emission cars, whether it’s electric or car, running on hydrogen fuel cells. As reported by the magazine, this issue was discussed at the last meeting of the Bundesrat. The Bundesrat is also encouraging the European Commission to forbid vehicles with an internal combustion engine in all EU countries by 2030.

The Federal Council of Germany would also like the European Commission to revise their taxation policy and its impact on the "stimulation of environmentally-friendly vehicles". This could include the introduction of stronger tax incentives for purchasing of zero-emission vehicles, then and there, the elimination of tax benefits for diesel vehicles in EU countries is possible.

It’s not that the public should be concerned. Forbes magazine points out that the registration of diesel vehicles fell sharply this August in many EU countries. The emission scandal of the Volkswagen has also made a delayed effect that led to the diesel models sales slowdown. Taking this fact with the proposed ban on petrol vehicles, it is expected that Europeans in the near future will decide on electric or hydrogen models next time they visit car dealership.