New Volvo automobiles will communicate with each other.: tips from experienced drivers, the bast reviews of cars
Credit: / USautoportal
New Volvo automobiles will communicate with each other.

The new communication system will appear in Volvo cars of 90 series, the vice president of research and development Peter Mertens told. The technology will be available to residents of Europe before the end of this year. Swedish cloud-based system, developed in cooperation with Ericsson, will be able to warn drivers about slippery roads: the information will be collected on the basis of data from steering, braking and acceleration received from special sensors. Also, the nearest cars will be notified when the other driver has used the hazard warning lights, indicating that the driver may be in a dangerous situation on the road. The communication will be carried out between cars, but Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said that the data will be sent to the cloud, that is there is no need in direct link between vehicles. The fact that all the data will be stored in one place will allow the company "to analyze information and find the ideal distribution between the other cars." Thus, the Volvo will be one of the few companies that support car-to-car communication.