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Credit: / USautoportal
The 4ekolka: the world’s first 3D-printed electric city car

The 4ekolka concept car is, in fact, a perfect solution for city: the car seats two people and can reach 34 mph, which is more than enough for city driving. If the project will be successful and enter the consumer market, it is quite interesting, how much it will be cost to buy this electric vehicle.

According to the 4ekolka designer, the project is focused on the optimization of current city transportation solutions. "For the city, we need something small, inexpensive, safe, usable the year round, for a maximum of two people, with a top speed of 34 mph", - comments Petr Chladek, a founder of the project. And he has come up with the decision to create 4ekolka - 3D-printed car.

It can be assumed that the additive technology was chosen, taking into account the decision to create a vehicle with a maximum emphasis on weight reduction and consumption. As a result, the cost of prototype made about $12,000 and a half of that sum was spent on the battery and battery management system. And it remains still unclear how long it took to create the concept car (because 3D-printing takes up a lot of time) and what materials were used.

But, fortunately, we know some basic information about the vehicle and would like to share it with you:

1. Its maximum speed is 34mph; 2. LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity of 200Ah are used in the concept; 3. 4ekolka can travel up to 124 miles per a full electric charge.

So, as you might notice, the concept is not intended for high-speed driving on the highway, but it will be able to transport one or two people from point A to point B in the city. Like many other compact electric vehicles, the 4ekolka may well become a comfortable second car, or even main car, if its owner drives constantly around the city.