A paralyzed driver received driving license and now can drive a car.: world auto news, review of trucks
Credit: / USautoportal
A paralyzed driver received driving license and now can drive a car.

Sam Schmidt is a former IndyCar driver and co-owner of IndyCar team called "Schmidt Peterson Motorsports". Now he is paralyzed, but thanks to advanced technologies he can drive a car again. Several months ago, the wheelchair-bound driver participated in the event “Indy 500”. He tasted a new semi-autonomous vehicle “SAM”. The Arrow Electronics company created the car specially for Sam, therefore it received the name of the driver. Now representatives of the company have got a permission to obtain driving license for paralyzed Sam Schmidt from the administration of the State of Nevada. The document confirms that Sam can drive semi-autonomous cars not only on special racing tracks, but also on some municipal roads, holding to the stipulated for him terms.

Arrow Electronics made the car for Sam as early as in 2014, and a year later they started developing traffic regulations for the paralyzed driver. Sam's car is not fully autonomous. In order to control the modified Corvette Z06, Mr. Schmidt uses his voice, head movements and breathing, as a result he can steer, step on the accelerator and brake. Sam Schmidt has celebrated getting his new driving license, driving a few laps on the racing track and on the regular municipal road.

Arrow electronics company with the help of modern technologies has created a semi-autonomous vehicle, allowing people with physical disabilities to control it. The semi-autonomous vehicles and vehicles with autopilot may become simply necessary for many people with disabilities, and Sam, who received his own driving license, is the best proof of that.