A colorful tradition of Pakistan: painting of buses and trucks.: the bast reviews of cars, helpful tips for motorists
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A colorful tradition of Pakistan: painting of trucks.

The first company which started to paint up its buses in Pakistan in 1920 was "Kohistan". The artists, which were hired by the company, previously specialized in the design of horse drawn carriages. And then the trend caught on: such design of the fleet in Pakistan has become a part of tradition. The patterns are often made "with impact": it can be depiction of war heroes, movie stars, or a great cricketer Imram Khan, or even Lady Diana. In such a manner the artist can earn up to 300-400 dollars per month, his journeyman - $ 150, and the driver - 150-200 dollars. The truck painting takes at an average 6-10 weeks. Pakistanis crowd into the painted buses because they believe that beautiful vehicle can protect them from accidents.