The right way to wash a car in the summer time.: tips for female drivers, auto news
Credit: / USautoportal
The right way to wash a car in the summer time.

We recommend you to choose the touchless washing, excluding scratches on the paintwork. After washing, drive the car away in the shade in order it can completely dry there. Tire pressure should be checked every two or three weeks using a manometer. The air inside the tire is heated strongly, as well as tires. The last thing, the condition of road surface in the summer is not the best one. An asphalt is heated and softened, making the road slippery. How to avoid an emergency situation? It's quite simple! All you need to do is just to "use"  your greater attention and reduce the speed. Concentration will help you to overcome the difficulties on the way. May the summer travels bring you only joy, not troubles!