What to do and check in case of engine overheating.: review of trucks, world auto news
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What to do and check in case of engine overheating.

The most common cause of such problem is that the coolant expansion reservoir in a car becomes empty, so you should check the coolant level. You should control its temperature throughout the journey (the sensor mustn't indicate more than 212 f). As for clothing, if it's very hot outside, select natural fabrics, not synthetic. You can put on the light clothing, allowing your skin to "breathe". And as for your feet, you can choose light sandals, moccasins, perforated shoes. If the heat assails you even so and you want to help yourself, just stop the car and bathe your face. Make it a rule to take along a mineral water and a towel. Sound advice: you can splash fresh water over the neck, and the body will be cooled. How to quench your thirst: water, ice tea - gradually, but often.