Some tips towards the driving during the rain: review of used cars, reviews of passenger cars
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Some tips towards the driving during the rain

1. When the rain is started, first of all, it is necessary to slow down. It will allow not to lose sight of all the road signs, appraise the flow of traffic, as well as contribute to easier driving.

2. The distance is also better to increase, because the length of braking path increases in the rain.

3. As far as possible, you need to keep closer to the center of the road – usually the roadbed has inclinations at the edges for better diversion, thus larger and deeper puddles will be there.

4. It is reasonable to use the headlights at the time of heavy fall of rain or just in a dull day. If a car is equipped with fog lamps, you can safely use them. In addition to the fact that additional lighting may improve the visibility of the driver, the headlight beam make cars more visible for other road users. But under no circumstances you should switch on the distance beam headlights - such beam of light will be simply reflected from raindrops and dazzle the driver.

5. You shouldn't distract, gazing about in an idle way. It is better to focus on the vehicles in front. You need to try not only to be guided solely by the tails and stop lights, but also appraise the situation on the road in general.

6. It's better not to drive behind the public transport and large trucks. This transport is able to create a strong flow of splashes.

7. Overcoming the puddles, it's need to reduce speed in the least. Even the most usual puddle can be a serious problem for the car. Firstly, a pothole or a manhole can be under the puddle. Secondly, water can get to the brake pads. Thirdly, there can be the effect of hydroplaning.

8. Inasmuch as the visibility can be significantly obscured, it is necessary to have reliance in the organs of hearing. To do this, you need to remove all the background noises, for example, turn off loud music and focus on the surrounding sounds.

9. It's better not to use the cruise control in the rain, due to the fact that the system, in most cases, is not designed for rain conditions.

10. If the rain is very heavy, if possible, park your car and bide a wee.

All these rules will help you to secure a trip in the rain and prevent a lot of unpleasant situations.