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Car fire extinguishers. Which we should to use.

So, let's move on the choice of fire extinguisher. First of all, it's need to define what type of flame formation we will have to face with, in the car it may be fuel and wiring. As we know, fuel is not easy to put out, and wiring can close and create the seat of fire elsewhere. Therefore, it would be better to give up the usual fire extinguishers with foam or water. Many drivers prefer powder fire extinguishers, its operating peculiarities in the presence of a substance that prevents the flow of oxygen in the fire. But the drawback of such fire extinguisher is ugly stains on the place of powder getting. There are also carbon dioxide extinguishers for sale. It has such operating peculiarities as the powder one, carbon dioxide prevents the flow of oxygen to the seat of fire. It's need to use such fire extinguisher very carefully, because you can frostbite your skin due to the low temperature of carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide enters the breathing organs, it can cause their paralysis. Consequently, the most effective and life and health friendly fire extinguisher is the powder extinguisher. Just remember that the fire extinguisher always must be closed at hand in order to not waste the precious time to looking for it in the car in case of emergency.