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Remains of insects on the car: how to clean them off?

While you're driving, insects are smashed on the windshield and car body and turned into fat white smudges. These smudges are smeared with the windscreen wipers, which is why the windscreen is covered with muddy whitish film through which it's difficult to see what is happening on the road. Usually it's difficult to remove insect remains from the car, especially when they are parched up in the sun. But there are some methods of course. It's possible to use a tobacco dust in order to remove midges from the windshield. It's good method for dissolving of the biological remains of bugs, spiders and moths. At the same time you will get a demonstrative example of how tobacco affects our body. Another effective method is a dishwashing detergent. It moistens and cleans the dirty surface, allowing to remove remains of dead insects from the windscreen of the car. You can also try to remove the insects by any means which contain an alcohol.