How and when is best to change from winter to summer tires?: tips for motorists, reviews and test drives of cars
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How and when is best to change from winter to summer tires?

Summer tires differ from winter tires not only in tread pattern, there is a series of significant differences. Winter tires are made of a bit different alloy of rubber, which has the property to warm up while driving and become soft and elastic. It's property that provides excellent and reliable road grip. But it's in winter, but for summer, the tires made of such rubber won't suit. It's hot in summer, hence the summer tires are made of a completely different alloy of rubber. This alloy has the opposite properties to "winter alloy" - when driving it is cooled, and the rubber becomes more solid and holds its shape, it doesn't "spread" and doesn't melt. Such tires are perfect choice for fast driving, but you can use them only on smooth and more or less warm road pavement, namely on asphalt and not on the snow. Unfortunately, summer tires wear out much faster than winter ones, so any car enthusiast will prove that they have to be changed more often. It's better to make it in advance.For the matter of that, it's better to check everything before the summer season: from the steering to the wheels. Talking of wheels, how long have you checked wheel rims? If it's been long ago, you may need to carry out a technical check, and if some of the rims are needed to be changed, it is necessary to change them or buy new ones. Most of motorists prefer billet wheels. Such wheels are good because they are about 40% lighter than usual ones, so that it becomes easy to drive a car. Besides, they are also quite durable, and it's not so easy to break them.