Interesting summer options for automobiles: reviews and test drives of cars, tips for female drivers
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Interesting summer options for automobiles

Most often found modern cars have traditional sliding roof inserts. This option can be seen both in low-cost cars of the Chinese manufacturers, and in premium cars. By using one button or rotary knob, you can slide a roof insert into the cavity between the roof and headliner. Having made such simple mmanipulative action, we get a continious access of fresh air to the passenger compartment. However, there are some drawbacks at this device. Furthermore, while opening roof insert, the vehicle aerodynamics is broken due to airflow invasion to the cabin, which in its turn adversely affects the fuel consumption. More advanced variant of the additional comfort is the sunroof, which can be found in more expensive cars such as crossovers, premium sedans or minivans. The main advantage of this car option - the feeling of being in the open air, at this, the sunroof, depending on the price of car and package, may either lift or shift. It should be remembered that as well as in a case with the standard roof, you will have to accept some tight space over the heads of rear passengers. Another type of summer option for car is the panoramic roof. Such option of glazing greatly improves visibility in the car and creates a feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, in case of panoramic glass damage, it will be easier for you to buy a new car. A noteworthy detail is that, preferring one of the offered options of the sunroofs or panoramic roofs, at one time or another, the summer comfort will be replaced by the everyday troubles. While in service on our roads the mechanism of roof opening / closing can quickly wear down and lose air-tightness, which will lead to infiltration of water through the roof and emergence of exterior noise. As for the owners of cars with panoramic roof, it is heated greatly which makes car driving quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, if you after all have decided that the open sky above you is important - try to watch closely the state of the roof as much as possible.